’s Insurance Policy

Moving from one apartment to another can bring mixed feelings, you are happy to be settling in a new house but you are worried if your things will get to your new place safely. There’s nothing quite like seeing all your worldly possessions stuffed into a truck and you waving goodbye as it pulls onto the road headed to your new home. Naturally, a small part of you wonders if you’ll ever see your “life” again and, if so, what shape it’ll be in.

Asking a few friends to help you transfer your furniture and other belongings might seem the logical choice, But it’s usually easier to pay a professional moving company like when moving from one house to another.

You need to be rest assured that your stuff will be safely delivered but how is that possible with the uncertainty of Nigerian roads

Nigeria’s leading moving company is excited to inform you about our new INSURANCE POLICY. In the same way, you get a health insurance coverage to safeguard your personal health, moving insurance policy can help you sleep at night until everything is safely delivered and in its proper place.

Accidents are bound to happen but we want you to get more peace of mind during your move. In addition to our state-of-the-art packing materials and practices, protects your move by looking out for your possessions in transit.

The scope of the cover includes all risks involved. The policy covers the goods of the insured against fire, theft or accidental damage while the goods are being loaded or unloaded from any vehicle, passenger or goods train whilst temporarily housed in the ordinary course of transit and this is powered by Axa Mansard.

Moving from one house to another in any part of Nigeria has just been upgraded from just Easy to Easy and Safe with’s insurance policy as you are sure the major risks involved with transporting your goods has been covered by our insurance policy with Axa Mansard.


With this new development in our moving service, you can be rest assured about your stuff when you chose to move with

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