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Moving by Yourself versus Hiring Movers

House moving involves rigorous decision making and planning. Effective order of thing will lead to successful house moving that will reduce stress and save costs. Deciding whether to pack yourself or hire movers is one of the decisions making in house moving. There are many available options to move your house but considering the cost and stress involved as well as the amount of professionalism that should be put in place. This piece will orientate you on why you need to consider professional movers over moving yourself.

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House moving factors includes location, family size, property size and distance of the move. Planning on moving your house yourself, costs of packing belongings, transportation, fuel and effort must be put into serious consideration. Moving can cause damage to your valuables and stress you up unnecessarily.

The following points highlight why you should hire professional movers.

Type of Move

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This can be explained in two main ways which are local move and long distance move. It varies based on you are moving from and where are you moving to.

Local Move

A local move is a move within the same locality, it could be in the same locality or even state such as a move from your Yaba office to Ikeja. The local move cost lesser than a long distance move. Moving can make you spend up to what people spend on a long distance move, this is because truck rental costs, the source for moving supplies and packing must be put into consideration.

Long Distance Move

Long Distance Move is a move between an entirely different locality such as a move from Port-Harcourt to Lagos. I won’t advise anyone to consider planning a long distance moving, this is because it involves such as a hotel for sleeping over, insurance for possessions and tips on the highways.

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Moving Supplies


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There can’t be a successful move without the necessary moving supplies such as quality boxes, tapes, labels, plastic bins and other. Professional moving companies like MoveMe primarily include all of these packages in their moving service.


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Getting the right sized truck is another thing entirely, consideration must be given to mileage, moving truck documents, the number of days and where you will park should you be stopping on the road. A moving company will come with their branded truck and movers to help pack and unpack your belongings easily.

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Time Spent

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Packing a home under 1,000 sq ft in size can take two people 4 to 8 hours, while a house over 2,000 sq ft can take two people 2 to 7 days without breaks. Profesional movers are teamed up with professional movers that can pack a 2000 sq ft house in a day.

Conclusively, moving can not save money but rather leads to property damage if care is not taken. Hiring movers can be expensive but with MoveMe you have all it takes to give it a try and enjoy a hassle free move be it a local or long distance.

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