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Why Do You Need To Tip Movers

House moving is a stressful task and requires lots of strengths, that is one of the reasons why you hired professional movers. Most people realise just how difficult moving is, especially the physical aspect. Once the movers have arrived and begun to load or unload. Individual wonder what to give the movers or tip except for their initial payment.
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Why You Should Tip Movers


Actually, tipping shouldn’t be encouraged as it encourages unethical conducts. But tipping remains the best way to express one’s pleasure over a job well done. Tipping has no fixed or average price and can range from any price depending on individual financial capacity. It is advisable to tip the movers crew individually and not give the money to their supervisor or team lead. This shows that you recognise and appreciate their individual efforts. If you feel that one or two movers worked especially hard, or are more deserving than the others, you can as well give them extra. If the crew has gone above and beyond your expectations, you may certainly match their efforts with a larger tip amount. Some moving companies don’t offer decor services if your movers went an extra mile to set up your house for you, they deserve a tip for that as well.

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How to Tip Without Cash

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Just moved to your new home and your movers performed beyond your expectation. The following are good options to tip without cash.

  1. Refreshments: You can decide to entertain your movers with some cold drinks or even bottle water since moving is tough and labour intensive.
  2. Lunch: Depending on how long you have moved and the stress they must have been through. You can decide to provide lunch for your movers in place of a tip.
  3. Give items: Do you have souvenirs in large quantity or even household items you don’t need. You can simply offer it to the movers as a tip and they will appreciate.

However, the above-listed tips do not apply to MoveMe. You only pay for the moving and nothing more.

Conclusively, as regards tipping your movers there are no custom rules for it. The best deal is to compensate movers within your comfort zone.

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